The ULTIMATE Airsoft Glossary


GBB, AEP, FPS? Think back to when you first starting airsofting, you were probably a little confused and trying to get your head around these terms.

One of our goals here at Tactical Box is to build a bigger and better airsofting community. Part of this involves bringing in new players and helping them to get to know the game. We’ve started building a glossary of airsoft terms to help out new players, but we’re sure we’ve missed some out.

If there are any terms or abbreviations you think would be helpful for a new player to know, send us a message (and if you’re the first + we add it to the list, we’ll credit you)!


Airsoft Guns

 AEG Automatic Electric Gun (Imitation guns powered by electricity through a battery) @tacticalboxairsoft
 GBBGas Blow Back (Imitation guns powered by gas, usually CO2 or Green Gas)@tacticalboxairsoft
 AEPAutomatic Electric Pistol (Imitation pistols powered by electricity through a battery)@tacticalboxairsoft
 EBBElectric Blow Back (Imitation guns powered by electricity through a battery with a built in blow back system)@ShireAirsoft
 DMRDesignated Marksman Rifle (Usually a semi-auto locked rifle with a slightly higher fps than any regular AEG)@ShireAirsoft
 HPAHigh Pressure Air (A system which uses highly compressed air to fire airsoft guns)@airsoftred.one1110
 ACRAdaptive Combat Rifle (A file that allows you to change roles while on the field with the addition of fully interchangeable parts)@ShireAirsoft
 ACUArmy Combat Uniform (This refers to the uniform currently in service in your country. The ACU ‘cut’ comes in different patterns based on country)@ShireAirsoft
 BFGBlank Firing Grenade (An imitation grenade usually taking a blank 9 milometer or shotgun cartridge and causes a loud bang)@ShireAirsoft
 BBs The ammunition used in airsoft, small spherical plastic balls (even smaller than a pea!)@tacticalboxairsoft
 FPSFeet Per Second (A rate to measure how fast your plastic bb is travelling)@tacticalboxairsoft
 ROFRate of Fire (The number of BBs you are firing out of your gun per second)@607_airsoft
 Hi/Mid/Low-CapHigh/Middle/Low-Capacity Magazine (These refer to the amount of BBs you can hold in your magazine)@607_airsoft
 LiPoLithium Polymer (A common type of battery used for AEPs)@milk_b4_cereal
 Semi-AutoSemi-Automatic (The function on your gun which fires one BB each time you pull the trigger)@tacticalboxairsoft
 TMTokyo Mauri (A reputable airsoft brand) from Japan@tacticalboxairsoft
 G&GGuay Guay Armament (A reputable Airsoft Manufacturer)@ShireAirsoft
 StockThe end of the weapon which usually rests on your shoulder@ShireAirsoft
 RDSRed Dot Sight (An accessory attachment for your gun which helps to improve your accuracy)@milk_b4_cereal

Terms / Phrases

Clock DirectionsRefer to where other players or objects are in reference to you (E.g. 6 o’clock is behind you)@dxr_demon
 CQBClose Quarter Battle (An arena or area where players are a closer distances)@henry.ash2105
 SkirmishAn organised airsoft battle@ShireAirsoft
 JPCJumpable Plate Carrier (A certain type of wearable vest which allows the insertion of metal plates for protection, but in airsoft they are usually replaced with foam plates)@nimbodelonkey
 RIFReplica Imitation Firearm@ShireAirsoft
 UKARAUnited Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association@ShireAirsoft