About Us

Tactical Box offers airsofting equipment at an affordable price. We ship our products direct from Asia, this means that although it may take slightly longer for the items to get to you, we are able to offer them to you at the lowest prices possible.

We do not sell any airsoft guns or rifles meaning that you can purchase anything on our website without a UKARA registration.

To make sure we can really help you to get your airsofting game on, even with our already low prices, if you spend over £20 we’ll help you out some more by covering the cost of your shipping (that’s right, free shipping!).


We offer equipment for airsoft at an affordable price with the two goals:

  1. To provide all airsofters with a place to find affordable gear
    • Being airsofters ourselves, over the years we’ve spent £100s if not £1000s and understand just how expensive it can be. That’s exactly why we started Tactical Box, to help all airsofters find affordable gear and therefore reduce at least one aspect of the costs related in playing!
  2. To encourage the building of the airsofting community through reducing the cost related barriers to new and existing players.
    • The building of a larger, safer and more responsible airsofting community is in the interests of all airsofters. Having a larger community allows us to have more influential position to protect and continue to enjoy this game which we love so much. Introducing airsofting to new players is a large part of building our community, and providing them with a means to access affordable equipment will no doubt encourage them to continue to play and enjoy airsofting.